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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Gabriel Ruth21/Male/United States Groups :icondota2arts: DOTA2ARTS
Dota 2 Wallpaper/Comic/Photo/Art
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A gallery with many sub-folders rather than an overwhelmingly large featured collection will make each addition all the more special, unique, and will bring much joy to the creator knowing their piece isn't a drop in an ocean, but a drop in a shot glass of which there are a few.


Out In The Open World by WinchesterSonOfHades

First and foremost, my apologies regarding the gap in time between stating that I'd write a critique, and actually doing it. As always ...


Subject with Objective Background
The Reaping Lotus Plant by Wabtfan
DotA2 Fanart | Broodmother and Sven by Wabtfan
Sketched in non-photo blue, inked, then scanned. From there I use Photoshop to color, shade, work a few special effects.
Subject with Abstract Background
It's Been a Long Time Coming . . . by Wabtfan
STARK | Art Trade by Wabtfan
NovaCross | Art Trade by Wabtfan
Sketched in non-photo blue, inked, then scanned. From there I use Photoshop to color, shade, work a few special effects, and do a little something to make the background not boring. Simple and low price,

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Never-mind this widget; its for me to quickly get to recent works created for my own gratification, and to write about the incredible deviants below! Go and see the marvelous creativity!


Wabtfan's Profile Picture
Gabriel Ruth
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
As if you had the time and enthusiasm to read one,


Amphian Anatomy Study by Wabtfan
Amphian Anatomy Study
So I recently noticed sometimes I spell it Amphian, and other times Amphion Fail #fail
Anyway, over the course of this summer I have been drawing anatomy studies for the five races, and what's so concrete this time around is I've divided my sketch book's sheets up into sections and determined what each page will have before I even begin; it helps with motivation.

The name of the race is pronounced amfēən

Key Features-
- An Amphion's eyes have two set's of lids
- Like chameleons, frogs, or toads, amphions can shoot out there tongue
- Amphians can have one of two types of feet
Awesomenauts FC |   Abdiel the Sister of Coba by Wabtfan
Awesomenauts FC | Abdiel the Sister of Coba
The Sisterhood of Coba is largely responsible for how the Awesomenauts universe is, and ironically Ronimo is yet to reveal what they look like; this is my take.


Backstory pending . . .


        Double Trouble

            Abdiel opens a portal, knocking back enemies and summoning an illusion that mimics your every move.

            Contract with Nibbs: Adds a burst of damage to the portal
               Kremzon Sundial: Create a link between you and your illusion that slows enemies
               Zurian Cultist: A health pack drops from the portal. Adds a damage decreasing debuff to the link if you bought it
               Ancient Grimoire: Enemies that touched the portal receive amplified damage
               Annoying Imp: Summon a wandering imp that explodes on contact
               Demonic Shopping List: Gain health for each enemy knocked back by the portal

        Harpy's Ire

            Abdiel takes small dashes toward the player's cursor with each attack for a set amount of time. Hitting enemies with your claws increases the duration of Harpy's Ire.

            Picture of Chucho: Increases damage of demon claws during harpy's ire
               Pocket Runes: Increases duration of harpy's ire when hitting enemies with demon claws
               Succubus Whip: Gain debuff resistance during harpy's ire
               Wing Decorations: Increases movement speed during harpy's ire
               Ritual Knife: Reduce incoming damage during harpy's ire
               Sea Shell Necklace: Emit a deafening scream at the start of harpy's ire that damages enemies

        Demon Claws

            Abdiel has really sharp nails.

            Blood Nail Polish: Increases base damage against enemy awesomenauts
               Pinky Claw Ring: Increases attack speed of demon claws
               Cursed Bracer: Increases damage of your second hit
               Harpy Feather Pen: Adds health to your max health after your first kill. This health is removed upon death
               Vlad's Piercing Gun: Adds a lifesteal to demon claws
               Omicron Eye Pendant: Adds a slowing effect

        Platforming Ability

            Abdiel can beat her powerful wings twice after jumping.

            Power Pills Turbo: Increases maximum health
               Med-i'-can: Automatically regenerate health.
               Horse Shoes for Goats: Increases Movement speed and jump height
               Piggy Bank: Gives 130 solar
               Baby Kuri Mammoth: Reduces the effects of all debuffs
               Overdrive Gear: Reduces the cooldown of all your abilities
Concard Ref- Wraiwen by Wabtfan
Concard Ref- Wraiwen

NAME : Wraiwen

AGE : Thirty three

HEIGHT : Five feet, and an inch

WEIGHT : One hundred seventy four pounds

DESCRIBE IN 5 WORDS : amicable, fearful of change, kind, selfless, sickly


FACTION : None yet



Akin to the world of Treefable, Wraiwen is a shaman or necromancer indigenous to a tribe that contradicts the popular belief that all users of shadow magic are corrupt, using it only for self-gain at the expense of others. In the past, Wraiwen has sacrificed some of his physical wellness to put powerful protection over his spouse. While amicable, he is shy, fearful of change, and slightly suseptable to manipulation.

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hey friendo! 

i was wondering if i could just go ahead and refund your (180? cant remember) points for the commission. I've tried a few times to draw your guy but its just too difficult. i will of course keep trying but at this point i'd rather it be a gift

let me know!
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Me I'm just enjoying my vacation. High school is over and done with and I should be deciding what to do next: work or study? I say, that can wait. It's gonna be surfing the net, playing games, drawing and going to bed late at least until the end of the month. Boo ya bitches :iconengineerplz:
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